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Blueberry Launches BB FlashBack 5 Screen Recorder

Blueberry Software has launched BB FlashBack 5, the new version of its best-selling screen recorder product, with enhanced editing features and big improvements to user experience.

For anyone creating training or educational videos for a worldwide audience, BB FlashBack 5 comes with a new time-saving feature – the ability to record a video once and release it in multiple languages.

Other new features include a magnifier effect to enlarge parts of the movie (great if you want to draw attention to a particular portion of the screen), password protection for recordings you want to keep secure, a new user interface, and easier sharing via integration with a new dedicated online video sharing website – FlashBack Connect.

FlashBack Connect extends the ability to share fully interactive screen recordings to all desktop and mobile platforms.

For organisations, there is the ability to completely customise how movies are presented. The branding options include customising fonts, colours, or the addition of a company logo to movie pages.

Key attributes of FlashBack Connect include the ability to:

  • Play movies on all platforms – mobile and desktop
  • Control public and private sharing
  • Embed movies in Web pages using a snippet of code, at whatever size you need
  • Automatically play movies at the best resolution for the screen size
  • Control the movie size and quality during playback
  • Create movie playlists
  • Upload movies in the background while you work
  • Suspend large movie uploads when BB FlashBack closes and resume when it’s next run

There is also no need to login separately to FlashBack Connect to upload a video; a single FlashBack account is all that’s needed to guarantee seamless integration between video production and Web publication.

What’s new in BB FlashBack 5

  • Features to enable localization of movies.
  • Magnifier effect to enlarge parts of the movie.
  • Password protection for recordings you want to keep secure.
  • Dedicated online video sharing website – FlashBack Connect, with customisation options for marketing/branding movie pages.
  • New Graphical User Interface.
  • Team License option to eliminate the need to buy multiple licenses in an organisation.

Other features include:

  • Fade transitions – add transition effects to join clips when creating your movie. Add them during editing, or let the software add them automatically when inserting a FlashBack movie or video file.
  • Gallery – simplifies the editing workflow by creating a gallery of in-movie annotations like textboxes, images, highlights etc. You can just drag objects in and out of the gallery to save them and add them to a movie. The gallery includes a range of annotations to get you started.
  • Blur tool – for blurring out sensitive details in a movie – great for creating movies that feature sensitive or personal data.
  • Record-time notes – make notes during recording and see them as textboxes in the movie. Just move the cursor to the top of the screen and start typing into the popup Notes window. Recording will auto-pause and restart when you’ve finished.
  • Export to GIF format – for easy embedding into Web pages.
  • Flexible publishing – you decide how your screen recording is presented. Export your movie to GIF, Flash, QuickTime (H264), WMV, Apple-compatible MPEG4, AVI, EXE or PowerPoint.
  • Powerful editing – edit video and audio side-by-side to cover up mistakes and glitches and give the movie that ‘pro’ polish.
  • Zoom and crop – to ensure the viewer stays focused on the action. Use ‘autoscroll’ to reduce the movie size and keep the mouse in the picture.
  • Webcam and Picture-in-Picture Video – for creating “talking head” presentations and picture-in-picture video.
  • ‘Start’ and ‘End’ titles – add start and end titles to your movie for that finishing touch.
  • Sophisticated audio features – record a commentary while recording the screen, or afterwards, when editing. Full-featured sound editing capabilities. Remove noise. Level out variations in volume. Record what you hear and your mic, to get both sides of a Skype conversation.
  • Scheduled recording – particularly useful for recording webinars and other online events. Set BB FlashBack to schedule a recording to start and finish at specific times, or when an application opens and closes.
  • Easy sharing – one-click upload to FlashBack Connect or YouTube in HD quality.
  • Arrow tool – call attention to events in the movie. The ‘Insert Arrow’ tool can create a wide range of arrow styles by selecting from a combination of key properties.
  • Watermarks – add branding to the movie. Simply load your watermark image; choose its colour, opacity, size and position.
  • Rich Text formatting – full control over text formatting in callouts, giving you more choice over how your screen recording looks.
  • Insert video files – add a video file to your project to add interest or clarify a point, and choose how it will look in your presentation.
  • Invisible keystrokes – display invisible keystrokes such as function keys, so that the viewer can see exactly what you did during recording.
  • Highlight tool – to draw viewer’s attention to key sections of the screen.
  • Mouse movement correction – re-record mouse actions into smooth, ‘straight-line’, flowing movements.

David Francis, Project Manager for BB FlashBack, said: “The way we use screen recorders has changed dramatically over the last few years, as our online habits have changed. We now spend much more time online connected to colleagues, clients, friends or family, as well as using the Web for online learning, Social Media and watching video via sites like YouTube.

“At the same time, many more people want to get involved with video and content creation of their own, and to make movies available to a worldwide audience that are of a professional quality.

“BB FlashBack 5 does exactly that: it enables anyone to create a very impressive movie from their computer screen – whether educating audiences in different languages, annotating a webcast, creating a tutorial, demonstrating a product, or making a screencast for friends or Social Media.

“The two products – BB FlashBack 5 and FlashBack Connect – are designed to work together to make the process of professional movie making and sharing quick and easy for users.”

Managing Director, Martin Green, said: “We’ve worked hard to create a screen recorder that is relevant to everyone in today’s connected, Cloud-based world and offers real value to customers. We are confident BB FlashBack 5 will prove popular to both professional and novice users alike.”

BB FlashBack 5 is free to try on a 30-day trial. It can be installed on the same PC as BB FlashBack 4 without any risk to your existing program, and is free to customers who have purchased BB FlashBack 4 since 31st July 2014. Earlier purchasers can upgrade to version 5 for only $99.50 if you have the Pro version already or $44.50 if you have the Standard version.

Full details on BB FlashBack 5 are available from our website
The FlashBack Connect website can be accessed from:

About Blueberry Software

Blueberry Software, headquartered in Birmingham, UK, is a leading provider of advanced screen recording software to the international market.

The BB FlashBack range of screen recording software combines ease-of-use with sophisticated new technology. Its versatility across a range of industries makes it an ideal learning tool, especially in IT support, Sales and Marketing, Education and Training – in fact in any application where users want to record and share on-screen events and procedures.

For more information, contact:

Blueberry Software Ltd
The Bond
180-182 Fazeley Street
B5 5SE
United Kingdom. Tel: +44 (0)121 285 0201


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