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Recording Video Games With BB FlashBack

Recording games is always a tricky one – they often use video hardware acceleration that can’t be recorded, and a lot of CPU, which leaves little for BB FlashBack to do its work.

However, if you are playing something like Minecraft, it is possible to get good quality recordings using BB FlashBack. Many examples of  good quality recordings that BB FlashBack users have been able to achieve when recording Minecraft can be found on YouTube but you can be see a couple of great examples recorded using the free Express edition of BB FlashBack here and here.

To get similar results, try the following:

  • Make sure you have ‘MPEG’ record mode selected. This mode is the best at capturing moving video because it can capture at a much higher frame rate and create much smaller FBR files than GDI and Capture Driver modes. You can select this mode on the Record Mode tab of the Recorder Options window.
  • Find a frame rate that works well for your PC. It is often tempting to go straight for a high frame rate but this will not always give the best recordings. Infact, sometimes it will even give worse results than lower frame rates because it puts too much burden on the PC’s CPU. Generally it is best to set a low frame rate initially – say 10 fps or less – and, once you have everything working, do a series of test recordings where you gradually increase the frame rate until you get the best balance between frame rate and CPU performance.
  • If you get a black region where the game should be, this is because the game is using video hardware features that can’t be recorded. You should go into the settings of the game and see if there is an option to turn off Direct3D or video hardware acceleration and use software rendering instead.
  • In some cases, setting Windows 7/Vista to a ‘basic’ theme instead of an ‘Aero’ one can improve performance.
  • The fewer pixels BB FlashBack has to record, the less CPU it needs. For example, recording a 1280×720 desktop will give better performance than a 1920×1080 recording. If you want to upload your recording to YouTube, the lower of these two resolutions will often give satisfactory results.
  • If you see a yellow highlight around your mouse cursor, you can easily remove if by ‘Highlight Cursor…’ menu under ‘Effects’. In this menu, simply uncheck the tick boxes next to ‘Highlight Mouse Cursor’ to remove the highlight and ‘Highlgiht Mouse Clicks’ to remove the pulse effect when a mouse button is clicked.
  • By default, BB FlashBack does not limit the length of time that you can record for (the only limitation is the amount of hard drive space you have on your PC to save the recording) but if you recording for an exceptionally long length time, performance may start to deteriorate so try to avoid recordings that are several hours long. If you need to record for hours and have BB FlashBack Pro, try enabling the ‘Break the recording into fixed size files’ options in the ‘File Size Limiting’ tab of the Recorder Options. This will divide your recording into more manageable sizes as you record and reduce the load on your CPU. Once you have finished recording, use the BB FlashBack Pro Player to join the movie segments back together into a single movie.

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What Do You Use BB FlashBack For?

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